Though now – technically – retired I still operate under the name of Integral Consulting, a name under which I did business since 2004. Integration and oneness are themes that I have always admired – perhaps because I see how things connect and how they impact others. Making connections has always been one of my strengths and I have tried to build on that God-given ability.

Integrity and wholeness are also implicit in the word – attributes that I admire and strive for – especially in a world that is stretched to keep itself from fragmenting.

Basically all my work since 1979 was for FEBC (Far East Broadcasting Company) and I owe them a great debt of gratitude for providing the platform from which to learn, develop and expand. They gave me the freedom to experiment, the space to breathe and the funds to travel and make connections with a wide network of people in many countries.

The main areas of my work I broke down into the following areas:

  • Major Themes: Common threads that emerge as I look back
  • Ministry Philosophy: Where we are coming from in terms of priorities, style and biblical/missiological foundations
  • Research: This emerges as a clear factor in driving the momentum
  • Strategic Planning: We have to plan with a full understanding of our intended audiences and the tools at our disposal
  • Practice: We cannot just theorise – we need to engage!
  • Current Issues: The saga continues….