Philosophy of Ministry

Why do we do what we do? And how can we do it best – or better?  How can I work best within the parameters given?

Hopefully we are all interested in these leading questions. We want to do the best job possible – and if we are engaged in Christian ministry of any kind we are concerned that we are doing the best to honour our Lord, Jesus Christ, and move people towards Him and into His Kingdom.  This should be our primary motivator – and also the basis of our fulfilment.

Given that most of my working life has been involved with radio the guiding principle I have tried to follow has been this “The role of radio in the mission of the Church“. If we have been called of God to do radio ministry then that is what we should be doing to the best of our ability. If we don’t we fail God.

In today’s world radio might be expanded to “media” – or broadcast in the broader sense. Technologies both overlap and converge. They also diverge to be all inclusive as they impact our lives in various ways and through a wide variety of delivery channels.

Another guiding principle has been holistic ministry – whole Gospel. Words and practice in an integrated whole.

A third principle is being close to the listener. Just as the customer comes first – so does the listener – or our audience generally. Where they are at, or what is of interest to them, becomes our starting point.

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