We do best when we can harness our motivation. The things and ideals that drive us are most important because they fuel the rocket – or the 2-stroke.

Motivation provides the adrenalin and keeps the inspiration coming. We all have down times and may even push ourselves too far to the point of burnout.

Making money is what drives many. Others seek fame or popularity. At Integral our motivation is to see things fit together and experience wholeness and fulfilment. There is a special synergy in this kind of dynamic as we resonate to the wholesome energy that is released when this happens.

More space – better perspective

Our lives are usually too rushed to be able to enjoy the luxury of space. Having said that it is often the busiest people who are also the most creative and the most productive.

Happily as we shed many of the responsibilities of the workplace we find more room to breathe, more dreams to dream, a sharper focus on what is important – and all with the added benefit of cumulative years of experience. Space can be refreshing…

That’s about where I am now. More reflective. Still fired up by ideas, but shorter on the energy to carry them out… unless, of course, I can inspire others who catch the same vision and run with it.

New look – new future!

Welcome to Integral Consulting. Finally I find time to develop a meaningful web-site for myself! It has been a long time coming and is long overdue. Hopefully it will give some insights into what I do best and what I am most passionate about…

As the name suggests I love seeing things hanging together and inter-connecting. All we do and all we are impacts other things and other people. We are not islands unto ourselves. Networking and connectedness are part of who I am and how I think. In my thinking that is a good recipe for innovation as we see seemingly unconnected themes intersecting.

When we begin to integrate things together we make new discoveries and we discover, perhaps for the first time, how cooperation, partnership and networking leave us all winners.